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Pilot Point Exemplary Community Members

The June 2021 Community Member of the Month, nominated by Lisa Blikken, is Beverly Wollaston! Bev, along with her volunteer efforts in our community, has touched the lives of so many by making yoga accessible for all. Beverly seeks out individuals that need help with their movement and posture and makes a tremendous difference in their lives.

Shawn Stratman says, "Beverly brought me back to life after a physically debilitating accident. Her patience and humor gave me strength to stick with it. It's worked. I am strong again. Thank you dear Beverly, you truly found your God Calling."

Beverly's faith and devotion to making the Pilot Point Community a healthy and safe place to live has been Outstanding! Thank you, Bev, you are truly deserving of this recognition as Pilot Point's Community Member of the Month.
May's Community Member of the Month is a star athlete, the embodiement of perseverance, and an inspiration of just how much hard work can pay off. And this heroine, nominated by Lori Beggs, is Stacey Harris.

Mrs. Beggs states, "Stacey recently competed in the Ironman Tulsa competition and made Pilot Point so proud!  She worked super hard, training every single day.  Often she would brave the cold water of Lake Ray Roberts to train for the 2.4-mile swim.

On the day of the Ironman, she pushed towards her goal for 16 hours!  Can you imagine moving your body for 16 hours?  6 plus hours of biking, over 2 hours of swimming, and running 26.2 miles (a marathon). She persevered and finished the Ironman.  

Stacey is an inspiration.  Often people don't see the potential they have within themselves. Not Stacey!  Stacey had faith in herself, she believed and she did."

Keep it up Stacey, you make us all very proud!
Abigail Allen nominated Lenette Cox, saying, "She's an active contributor to the community, not just through her work at the city but also through her involvement in the Lake Ray Roberts Rotary Club. She cares deeply about the people of Pilot Point, and she's also very sweet."

Thank you for all that you do for our wonderful little community, Lenette!
For those of you that frequent the square, March's Community Member of the Month needs little introduction. Howard Kimble, nominated by Beau Foster, truly encompasses the spirit of this recognition.

Mr. Foster nominated Howard for "...his continued support of multiple areas in our community and beautification of our roads and downtown by picking up trash. Ever since I've been here, he has always done it. No one asks him to."

Monica David, a previous CMotM winner, says that Howard does so much work behind the scenes that no one knows about. Without Howard, she says, the local theater would not exist. Mr. Kimble is a selfless and humble giver, active participant in the community, and a library of knowledge about the town.

Thank you, Howard. Pilot Point would not be near as great without your contributions.
We are all so very lucky to have February's Community Member of the Month living in our town. Hunter Weertman, nominated by Lori Beggs, is a young man who spends a great deal of his free time thinking about, and helping, others.

Mrs. Beggs writes, "Hunter Weertman lives in Pilot Point and goes to school in Sanger at Linda Tutt High School. The student-run food pantry teaches teens life skills, as well as helping citizens put food on their tables.

Hunter and the others have recently received national news attention during the pandemic where more families are in need to visit food pantries."

His mother, Sila, says, "Hard to imagine this whole [student-run food pantry] started because he didn’t want people to worry about food and focus on staying healthy. Just proof acts of kindness can change the world!"

We agree with Sila, acts of kindness can change the world and we will continue to do our best to recognize those acts.

Mr. Weertman, you are an inspiration to many and it is an honor to award you Community Member of the Month for February 2021.
Our first Community Member of the Month for 2021 is none other than Lori Beggs!

Lori was nominated by Lane Pierce, who said:

"Lori is a unifying force in Pilot Point. She is always making sure we know about important events with City Council, when elections are held, how to run for election, and what events are going on around the square.
She volunteers at the community theater and she keeps the marquis updated.
Lori is friendly and personable. Though she may be relatively new to Pilot Point, she exhibits the helpful, let’s-get-along attitude that Pilot Point is known for."

Thank you, Lori, for making our community a better place!
December's Community Member of the Month is Jessica Nordon!

Jessica has done many great works, including helping families in need, collecting and distributing feminine products to shelters, working with a children's shelter, and more. One thing is clear about Jessica- she puts others' welfare before her own and for that, she has been chosen as the Community Member of the Month for December.

Thank you, Jessica, you have been an inspiration to all of us at the Coffee House!
Congratulations to Shannon and David Slater, Community Members of the Month for November 2020!

Shannon and David were nominated by Meridith Gooden Parker. They were selected for their volunteer works and positivity. They have spent countless hours volunteering for schools and organizations, including the 2020 Great Cycle Challenge, where they raised over $1,000 for cancer research!

Thank you Shannon and David for being such inspirational members of our community.
We'd like to Congratulate our very first Community Member of the Month, Monica David!

We received some very great nominees and you all made this a really tough choice.

Monica was nominated by Lori Beggs, who said: "Monica is a long term citizen of Pilot Point who volunteers and works tirelessly with the Pilot Point Opera House/Garage Door Theater. She is kind and always has a smile on her face no matter what is going on. She has been there for fundraisers, organizing events, ticket sells, clean up, and even acting in the performances on stage. She is a delight to have in the community and I am very honored to call her my friend."

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