event table reservations

If you'd like to book your event at the Coffee House, please fill out the form or email jimerson at [email protected]

We will confirm that there are no scheduling conflicts for your requested table reservation. If a scheduling conflict exists, we will attempt to work with you to book an alternate time.

Requested table reservation times must be during our normal business hours.

If you wish to host a closed event during non-business hours, we can arrange to have a staff-member available. The closed-event charge is $100/hour, 1 hour minimum.

You are welcome to place tablecloths and other decorations on your reserved tables.

We reserve the right to refuse any reservation requests.

Event type (select one)
Normal Business Hours (no charge)
Closed Event ($100/hour)
Number of Tables Requested (select one)
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  • 4 Tables
  • Closed Event (all tables!)
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